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I'm Maggie—I am a board certified nurse practitioner with a deep-rooted passion for patient-centered care. After years of working in a major hospital, I decided it was time for me to move in a new direction. 

My goal for Luna Hormone Health is to be a voice of clarity and understanding when it comes to hormone care. This is an area of medicine where many healthcare professionals dismiss women's concerns.


My approach is all about giving you personalized attention, comprehensive care, and unwavering support.


When you step into my practice, it's not just a quick consultation—it's a thoughtful conversation. I want to create an environment where you actively participate in your healthcare decisions.

Maggie Powers, NP

Maggie Powers, NP | Luna Hormone Health

The Luna Story

What Makes Luna Different?


Personalized Care

Our consultations and follow up appointments take time. We make sure you are not rushed, your understand your care, and your questions are answered. 

Between appointments - we are here to answer questions and make sure that you are comfortable and feel cared for. 


Cutting Edge Science

At Luna Hormone Health we offer the most up to date hormone care which utilizes blood and urine based hormone testing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and supportive supplements and interventions proven to optimize your health and hormones.



Luna Hormone Health offers top quality bio-identical hormones, as well as discounts on the supplements and products we recommend. We partner with local businesses to offer complimentary services to support your personalized health needs.  

What is Luna Hormone Health?

Our services are focused on hormone care for women age 35+, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy based on testing, and hormone based weight loss. We also offer a health coaching services, supplement recommendations, and continuous glucose monitoring. 

We are committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and well-being. We believe that by addressing the root causes of health issues and taking a proactive approach to goal setting and growth, we can empower you to become the healthiest version of yourself!

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