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Hello! My name is Maggie Powers and I am a board certified nurse practitioner here in Massachusetts.


I guide women struggling with mid-life hormone changes to restore their hormones, control their weight, balance their stress response, and feel their best. 

In addition to supporting mid-life women, I offer medication supported weight loss and comprehensive gender affirming hormone care for adults.

Mid-life Care for Women - Redefined  

Maggie Powers, NP - Luna Hormone Health, PLLC

Hello I'm Maggie!

I am so glad you're here!

Are you ready for a provider  that listens?  I was! 


I was shrugged off by my providers when I knew something in my body was changing, and I was struggling. Nobody seemed to know how to help me - so I decided to learn more. 


Not long after my research started - it became very clear that I could help people just like me - and just like you. I decided to develop Luna Hormone Health.

My practice focuses on hormone testing and bio-identical replacement for women 35+, medication supported weight loss, and gender affirming care for adults.

You will find much more than a prescription and a 15 minute appointment when you work with Luna.  As a patient you will experience hormone care supported by a robust evaluation of your overall health and wellness.


I believe that your hormone care and weight journey will be the best when your baseline health is optimized. I want you to experience the benefits of a truly holistic approach to health and hormone care.  I hope you decide to visit with us.

Personalized Care and Follow Up
“Maggie was patient, kind and helped me understand the process so it was easy and comfortable.”
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