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Patient Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes frequently asked questions about pricing, lab testing, payment, insurance, and the details of services offered. 


If you don't see the answer to your question here - please contact us! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which medications are covered by insurance?

Commercially prepared hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is generally covered by insurance and available at your local pharmacy. Individually compounded HRT medications are made at a federally licensed compounding pharmacy and are not covered by insurance. 

Due to limited availability, we are currently offering semaglutide through a federally licensed compounding pharmacy. This does not require insurance coverage and is available at a discounted price.  

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT including topical estrogen, topical or oral progesterone, and when needed testosterone are available. These hormones are available in formulas covered by insurance. Clients may also choose custom compounded formulas provided by our compounding pharmacy. 

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