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Flavors Ignite for a Fire Cider Workshop at the Rose Room Cafe in Webster!

Fresh Care Integrative Medicine and the Rose Room Cafe, collaborated on December 9th to host a fire cider workshop

Fire Cider Workshop Rose Room
Fire Cider Workshop Rose Room Cafe Webster

Led by nurse practitioner, Maggie Powers, from Freshcare Integrative Medicine, the workshop unfolded as an immersive experience. Participants learned about the human microbiome, its importance in our overall health, and how our lifestyle and diet choices can help shape this important part of our bodies. Maggie then guided participants through the art of blending potent ingredients like ginger, garlic, citrus fruits, spicy peppers, and immune-boosting herbs into a fiery concoction known as fire cider.

The Rose Room Cafe, known for its commitment to local proucts and holistic well-being, provided a cozy and inviting space for the workshop, fostering a sense of community among participants. As laughter and the scent of herbs filled the air, individuals of all ages engaged in hands-on preparation, leaving with personalized jars of their own crafted fire cider.

The success of the event speaks to the growing interest in herbal wellness practices and the community's eagerness to embrace natural alternatives. Many thanks to The Rose Room Cafe for hosting our event!

Fire Cider Workshop

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